петък, 17 април 2015 г.

Ревю на филм "Breaking Bad" от 14-годишния Петър Петров

В началото на април 14-годишният ми син, Петър, официално ме надмина по писателстване и по английски език! Слизам от трона официално!
Горда съм с това момче - по-умно е от много пораснали, а, както се вижда, владее освен английски език, и перото. Вижте само какво ревю на филм е написал. :)))

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad in my opinion, the best TV series I’ve ever seen. Having been nominated for multiple Emmy awards such as the ones for best plot or best acting with the tremendous work put in it by both actors and the directors, it has slowly risen to the big screen until it broke all the rules in American television and became a blockbuster. Some of the best things about it is the brilliantly created plot which is a well done mixture of drama, epic tragedy, thriller, action and even comedy, the ubelievable acting and the shocking similarities, even in the smallest details, with reality.
The story goes about a chemistry teacher in a small town not very far from the Mexican desert, who is desperately trying to inspire his uninterested students about his subject and with a hard social situation. He is struggling to ensure not only his survival, but the survival of his family which consists of his wife, who is carrying an upcoming baby and his 15 year old son with cerebral paralysis, when the shocking news that he has terminal lung cancer is delivered to him.
In order not to leave his family in a hard financial situation he makes the critical decision to team up with one of his junkie farmer students and start using his own incredible skill in chemistry to cook crystal mentamphetamine. Having to lie to every single person around him, having to manipulate, having to kill people so as to remain in the criminal world, he slowly turns from an unexperienced and cowardly criminal to a monster. Will he fulfill his once wasted potential, will he be able to achieve harmony with his actions? Will he ensure salvation for his family and leave a worthy memory of his character behind? It’s up to you to find out.
Although this masterpiece may not be appropriate for all audiences I’d recommend it to everybody because as far as I know of all, this TV show succeeds best in delivering an experience, filled with an extraordinary and gripping story, which, from my point of view, never gets dull or tedious, has lots of fascinatingly well-done, nail-biting moments and a healthy sense of black humor.

The teacher: Peter, this is a fantastic piece of writing. You have done a brilliant job.